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Plan It - Do It

We know that 85% of the time if you write down a long term goal you will achieve it. But to achieve that goal, you need to identify the tasks you need to accomplish each day to achieve it, keep track and reward yourself for doing the work. Let me give you the following example:

Let’s say you are in sales and want to earn 100000 in commission at the end of 12 months. You also know that to do that you will need to make contact with 50 perspective customers each week and arrange 5 face to face meetings per week.

Using Goal Tracker you set the long term goal “To achieve 100,000 in commission by January 1 2012 (365 days from now).

Here's How

Under the tasks section linked to this goal you input the following

“Make 10 contacts with perspective customers.” You put this in for Monday-Friday

You next enter Complete 2 face to face meetings to happen on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

You next enter Complete 1 face to face meeting to happen on Monday of each week.

Now let’s say on Monday morning you want to first do research on some potential customers you would enter in the “Task for Today” column linked to the long term goal of “$100,000 in commission at the end of 12 months” “review web sites of 10 potential customers”

That task would only be presented to you today. When you complete that task, it will be added to all others to give you a % of tasks completed today to achieve your long term goal. You want to accomplish 100% of your tasks each day that will lead you to achieve your long term goal of $100,000 commission by years end.

Goal Tracker is about helping you achieve your long term goals. Remember you can enter as many long term goals and daily tasks as you wish. You break down the success into daily tasks, do the tasks and document your success. It will help you get to where you want to be with family, in business and your personal life.


Goal Setting Example for Athletes
Goal: Within 12 months be the starting left winger on the first line for my AAA hockey team.
Tasks programmed into goaltracker:

For Students to get Better Grades
Goal: To achieve to my potential and attain a 75% on my next reporting period-4 months from now.
Tasks :

Goal: To achieve to my potential and attain an 80% on a paper due in 6 weeks